Inhabited temporal marks

This artwork 
reflects on inhabiting and the passage of time through marks. The work translates inhabiting as marks that compose 'our' time and space. It understands inhabiting as an experience of marking and being marked. Or, to put it differently, that we inhabit within the marks left by our presence.


Through walks in parks in Bristol, I sought to capture the physical form of time. I began this investigation by reflecting on temporality and its relationship with the skin. I thought about the skin as the constant and basic form of our inhabiting. Later, I began experimenting with different materials, looking for the perceptible and imperceptible expressions of inhabiting.


The work that I present is an installation based on wallpaper painted with soil and a video. I dragged the paper while walking, turning the experience of walking into a painting made of soil and mud. The video is a drawing in motion, which talks about different ways of representing the marks of inhabiting. ´Inhabited temporal marks´ is the first product of an ongoing investigation where space and time are inseparable from the marks that we give and receive through inhabiting.

© 2019 Amalia Pascal